Mochi – Live chat software built for eCommerce

Quality Customer Support on a Small Shop Budget

Live chat software built just for eCommerce stores. Mochi lets Shopify stores talk with customers in real time using web chat or text messaging.

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Serve your customers in a BIG WAY no matter your size

Faster Support Responses

Respond instantly to customer's questions when they visit your website

Personalized Interactions

Make each customer feel special by customizing their experience with your site on every visit

Improved Sales

Guide potential customers to a purchase with smart insights and timely interactions

Better Customer Insights

Anticipate the needs of your customers by knowing who they are, where they came from, and what they're browsing

More Chat Options

Use Mochi's omnichannel chat features to talk with customers via text messaging or web chat

Richer Business Intel

Track and review your results with Mochi's automated testing and reporting features

Live Chat Built for eCommerce

Monitor Visitor Behavior

Understand how to best serve the needs of your customers by knowing.

  • How they arrived at your website
  • What they’ve purchased in the past
  • What pages they spend the most time on

Intervene at Key Moments

Reach your website visitors towards a purchase at just the right time, with:

  • Real time chat
  • SMS integration
  • Real time customer insights

Chat However Your Customers Want

Over 70% of all online shopping is done from a mobile device. Mochi’s omni-channel chat feature enables you to communicate with your customers using:

  • Chat widgets on your site
  • Text messaging
  • Phone call

Measure Your Shop's Success

Track and review your results with Mochi’s automated testing and reporting.

  • Learn what works best in serving your customers and driving them to a purchase
  • Make intelligent decisions based on proven results
  • Watch your sales numbers improve over time

Why Mochi?

Mochi is designed specifically for small to medium eCommerce stores. We work hard to understand who you are and the challenges you face.

We know that you’re busy sourcing products, managing ad campaigns, and shipping orders. So, we’ve built Mochi to help you with one of the most important yet challenging aspects of your business, communicating with customers.

Solutions for Every Chat Need


Leave customers delighted by providing immediate responses to their questions and concerns and by tracking and following up on their requests.


Guide potential customers to a purchase decision by building trust with smart insights, timely interactions, and personalized experiences.

Customer Experience

Increase repeat business by making all of your customers interactions unique and personalized with every visit to your website.

Trusted by eCommerce Shops Across the Globe

Not on Shopify?

Not a problem

Mochi can be used on any site. If you’d like to try a 14-day FREE trial please let us know what platform you use, and we’ll help you get started.