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The Best Texting and Live Chat App for eCommerce
Stephen Quebe

Stephen Quebe

The Best Texting and Live Chat App for eCommerce

Providing a Positive Experience for Your Visitors

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably launched or are thinking of launching an eCommerce store.

Building an online store is an exciting adventure that can be very rewarding, but it can also be extremely challenging. Did you know that fewer than 10% of all online stores last beyond the first few years? That number doesn’t sound promising, but with the right strategy and tools you can find success.

A major factor in the success eCommerce sites is their ability to provide a positive experience for the visitors to their sites. In other words – if you want to succeed in online retail, then you need to provide a delightful customer experience for the potential customers who browse your website.

So, how do you do that?

In this post I’ll walk you through the benefits your eCommerce store will realize if you are able to provide an amazing customer experience, and why Mochi is your best bet for delighting your eCommerce customers.

The Value of Service for Online Stores

Before we dive into how Mochi can help you ensure a positive customer experience for your online customers, let’s examine a shopping scenario that doesn’t take place online.

Let’s say that you walk into a local music store. Whether you’re a musical novice or an expert, you’re going to have some questions before you’re ready to buy. Maybe you look at the violins and wonder which one will produce the highest quality sound for the most affordable price. Maybe you look at bass guitars and want to know which one will produce the perfect sound for your next musical  project.

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No matter what you’re looking for, you’re going to have questions. So ask yourself this – how likely are you to make a purchase if you can’t find the answers to your questions? And, how likely are you to recommend the store to a friend if there is nobody there to help you and provide you with support?

There is a reason that brick-and-mortar stores have sales and support associates in nearly every aisle. They exist to guarantee your questions are answered, your experience is delightful, and that you walk out of the store with a new violin in hand.

It may sound strange but shopping online is actually not much different than shopping in person. In order to succeed you must provide amazing service. To ensure your customers have all of their questions answered and develop trust in your online brand, you too must be available to answer questions and provide support.

In order to provide this kind of over-the-top service for your online store, you need an effective strategy for engaging with every visitor to your site.

How to Provide Over-the-Top Service in an Online Store

There are various methods for providing customer support for the visitors to your eCommerce site. Of course you can use FAQs pages, contact pages, or even contact forms. But here’s the thing –  customers can become impatient. When customers take the time to view your site, they’re not just evaluating whether they want to purchase your products but whether or not they like and trust your company.

The best way to ensure that you build trust with visitors to your site is to interact with them in real time. The best way to interact in real time with visitors to your site is Mochi’s live chat support app.

Mochi’s live chat software allows you to talk directly with visitors to your site. You can be proactive and welcome and engage them first, or wait until they ask you a question.

The Mochi chat app allows you to talk to visitors through a chat widget in the bottom-right corner of the screen or even through text messaging (more about this later).

Visitors are more likely to trust your brand, make a purchase, and refer a friend when their questions are answered immediately. Mochi’s live chat app can help you ensure that no customer is left unassisted.

Now, why is Mochi the best option for eCommerce?

Reason #1: Mochi is Laser Focused on Small to Medium-Size eCommerce Stores

It’s true that there are numerous chat apps available today, but only Mochi is 100% committed to solving the challenges of small to medium-size eCommerce sites.

Why is focusing on small to medium-size eCommerce stores important?

Well, let’s examine another situation that takes place offline. Let’s say that you’re driving down the road (Maybe you drive a four door sedan or even a large SUV) and something in your car’s engine compartment begins to rattle. You decide to take the car to a mechanic, but there are so many options to choose from that you’re not sure how to decide.

You search online and select the first auto-mechanic that appears on your screen. The person at the shop tells you that they are happy to fix your car, so you take it in. But when you get the bill, you realize that they may not have been the best fit.

While they eventually got the job done, the shop’s specialty is actually tractors. They don’t usually work on cars!! Which means that in order to fix your car, they had to order in special parts which took an extra day to arrive. The mechanic at the shop wasn’t familiar with your engine type and took an extra long time working on it, which cost you more in labor. Then as you drove out of the parking lot your car was covered in the mud that had been tracked in by the shops regular clientele.

Not surprisingly, small to medium-size online shops have this type of experience with their service providers all the time. Fortunately for you, Mochi is laser focused on providing chat solutions for small to medium eCommerce sites.

eCommerce is what we know and what we do.

This means that we understand your needs and your challenges. We understand your budget, what you’re looking for, and how you want to be treated. This also means that we know how your customers are shopping online. What they experience and what they need in order to have a better experience. 

At Mochi we’ve developed features into our chat app that solve the specific challenges your shop faces. We provide solutions to both you and to your online customers.

This level of specialization provides enormous benefits you directly. 

Reason #2: Mochi’s Features are Tailor-made for Online Stores

When you shop for software or services for your eCommerce business, you want a provider that understands your needs. Just like the example of fixing your car at a tractor repair shop, selecting a provider that is not knowledgeable about your business can be painful and costly.

As I mentioned above, Mochi is entirely focused on small to medium sized eCommerce businesses. This means that we work very hard to understand your needs and the needs of your customers. An example of how this focus affects our live chat app is the way we’ve designed it for customers shopping on mobile devices.

Today the majority of online shopping by consumers aged 18-40 is already done on a mobile device. And by 2021, 75% of all online shopping will be done on a mobile device.

If you were to take a look at any of the other chat apps, you’d quickly realize that they were not designed for consumers who are shopping on a mobile device.

Why don’t the other providers care about your customers mobile shopping experience? It’s because they aren’t building their tools for eCommerce, they’re building them for large tech companies. In other words, they’re a tractor repair shop when you need to fix the rattling in your car.

When your customers visit your site on a mobile device, they want a mobile friendly chat experience. If the chat widget is popping up and blocking their view of the product they are interested in, their interest in your site is going to quickly fade away.

Mochi accomplishes mobile friendly communication by allowing you to text message with your visitors, which means that they can continue to browse your site uninterrupted.

It sounds like such a simple difference, but there is an important reason Mochi achieves this simplicity – we are solely focused on your needs and the habits of your customers.

Reason #3: All the Key Chat Features without All of the Headache

Does this hyper focus on eCommerce solutions mean that we don’t provide a robust, all-in-one platform? 

Of course not!

Mochi provides the tools small to medium-size eCommerce businesses need to communicate with site visitors in real time from a single dashboard. Mochi is lightweight and custom designed for you, which means that you get all of the best tools without all of the bloat of heavier software platforms.

In addition to web chat and text messaging, on Mochi you can view all of your site visitors in real time, review historical chat logs for context in your customers conversations, and set away messages to capture customer information when you’re not available.

On top of all this, Mochi also provides chat bots. We know that you’re super busy. You’ve got inventory to source, marketing campaigns to manage, and orders to fulfill. With all of these tasks crowding your schedule, you may be hard pressed to find time to interact with customers. 

But with Mochi’s chat bots, your customers can have an engaging experience every time they visit your site.

Even if you’re a small shop with a small team, that doesn’t mean that your customers can’t be impressed with your level of service.

Over to You

One of the best ways to ensure your eCommerce store succeeds is to provide meaningful engagement for all of the visitors to your site. The best way to make this strategy a reality, is Mochi’s live chat app.

Mochi is the best live chat app for eCommerce because eCommerce is what we do. We have a complete suite of tools built into our dashboard, with a laser focus on the needs of small to medium-size online retail stores.

Just because eCommerce is competitive and challenging, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pursue your dream to the fullest. Mochi is here to help you be part of the 10% that make it happen.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no cost to get started and its risk free. Give it a try today. 

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