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Why Chat & Text are Critical for Your Online Shop
Stephen Quebe

Stephen Quebe

Why Chat & Text are Critical for Your Online Shop

Live Chat for eCommerce

If you own or run an online store you’re sure to hear about the latest trends in eCommerce technology. One trend that is quickly gaining speed for eCommerce is Live Chat Support.

In their post earlier this year Get Elastic listed Live Chat Support as the number one way to boost eCommerce conversions in 2019.

This may elicit a lot of questions. Such as – What is live chat support? Why is it such a big deal? And, how can it help your online store?

In this post, I hope to provide answers to these questions and help you gauge the urgency in using live chat for your online store?

What is Live Chat Support?

Live chat is an increasingly popular way to engage with visitors to online stores or website.

In the past live chat was not always user friendly and may have required the visitor to locate the contacts page or the support page.

Today live chat is much more accessible for consumers and can often be accessed through a simple chat widget in the bottom-right corner of a website (just like the one you see below).

Live chat support is the use of these chat widgets to interact with customers when they visit your site in need of help or with a question. Rather than sending a customer to a support page or asking them to call or email, you’re able to provide instant support.

Given the increase in online shopping and other services, providing live chat support for your customers is a great way to engage with them and ensure they are satisfied.

Why Consumers Love Live Chat

The evidence that consumers prefer live chat to other options (phone or email) is overwhelming.

In their Customer Service Benchmark study eDigital found that consumers prefer live chat as a support channel.

In the study, which included 2,000 consumers, live chat received a satisfaction level of 73%, compared to email’s 61% and phones 44%.

Additionally, live chat can build relationships with customers and improve customer retention. In another study conducted by Bold Software, over 63% of consumers say they are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.

It’s no surprise that consumers prefer live chat. While websites can be a great resource for information, it’s nearly impossible for a company to provide answers to every question visitors may have. Customers can often feel overwhelmed with the number of products, marketing ads, promotional offerings, terms, and prices on a site.

Before customers make a purchase, they want to feel confident that they will receive exactly what they expect. Live chat allows them to have all of their questions answered before they click the buy button.

In short, live chat gives customers comfort.

As if your customers’ happiness wasn’t reason enough, here are four reasons why everyone is talking about live chat.

How Can Live Chat Support Help My Online Store?

1. Live Chat is Convenient

Customers love convenience. They will appreciate anything that makes their life (or shopping experience) easier. Below is a list of ways that live chat makes a customer’s visit to your eCommerce site more convenient.

Simplicity of Use

The live chat of today is extremely simple. Customers don’t have to navigate multiple pages to find a contact form. They don’t have to wait for 24 hours to have their email answered. And they don’t have to click through a multi-step phone menu.

Customers truly appreciate the ease-of-use and simplicity of the Mochi live chat app.

Instant Answers

In most cases, customers are asking questions because they truly want answers. It’s not a frivolous exercise to visit a website or store. It takes time. Which means that when customers are asking questions, they are ready to take action. A customer who cannot find answers quickly may choose to look elsewhere. But, when they receive instant support on live chat, the chances that they make a purchase increase significantly.

“When it comes to people, customers expect the same quick response they are used to getting from electronic equipment and technology.”


In today’s world, everyone’s life is extremely busy. With live chat customers don’t have to put down whatever they are doing to talk with a support agent. In fact, customers can continue to browse on multiple browsers and accomplish other tasks, as they interact via live chat.

2. Live Chat Saves Time and Money

As mentioned above, customer love live chat because it saves them time with instant answers, but saving time is not just for your customers. Your business will also benefit from time savings and cost savings thanks to live chat support.

The setup time alone of email support software and phone support systems is astronomical. For small to medium-size eCommerce shops, this time commitment just doesn’t make sense. Even for very large companies, it is often more efficient to outsource the support function to another company.

In a study performed by Zopim (now Zendesk), they analyzed over 85,000 live chats and discovered that on average customer queries were responded to in less than 23 seconds! And the average resolution time was only 42 seconds. In comparison, the average time for a company to respond by email in 2018 was 12 hours and 10 minutes!

On top of the time commitments, the cost to offer phone or email support is prohibitively expensive.

Why are phone and email support so expensive? The simple answer is that these are tools that were built for outdated processes and for companies very different than your online store. Email and phone support often require complex integrations, ongoing maintenance, and robust teams.

Live chat on the other hand is lightweight and easy to install. Plans are affordable and tailored to eCommerce stores of all sizes.

Check out Mochi’s live chat support plans

Live chat is the clear leader for support solutions in regards to time and money, particularly for small to medium-size online stores.

3. Live Chat is a Competitive Advantage

Ultimately the success or failure of your eCommerce business comes down to whether customers choose you or your competitors. This is why companies are always working to establish and maintain a competitive advantage.

In the world of online commerce, live chat support is a relatively new approach. This may be because chat tools have traditionally been built for larger, tech focused companies. And small to medium-size eCommerce shops haven’t had the budget to use these types of tools or were simply unaware of their existence.

But this is all good news for your online shop. Live chat is a great way to separate yourself from the pack and offer a delightful user experience.

“Information is power, particularly when the competition ignores the opportunity to do the same."

Competitive advantage doesn’t have to be based solely on your product. Many of the world’s best business minds consider their unique advantage to be their ability to gather information about their customers and use it to provide a better experience.

If you’ve been struggling to identify your unique advantage or find a way to differentiate from your competitors, live chat is the answer. Not only can you interact with customers as if they were walking into your physical store, you can enhance your brand as one that offers amazing support.

4. Live Chat is Good for Sales

We’ve already covered a lot of ground, when it comes to the benefit of live chat. But we certainly can’t conclude without covering the benefit to your top line.

Live chat support can drastically increase your sales conversions by building trust with customers through a personalized experience. 

Additionally, customers who feel cared for will come back time and again.

Live Chat Builds Trust

eCommerce has been steadily growing as a market segment for years, but nearly everyone still experiences a sense of hesitation before buying something online. We question the validity of the company we are buying from, the security on their website, and the support we will receive after our purchase.

One of the most powerful benefits of live chat support is the ability to build trust with your customers.  According to KPMG 51% of consumers trust companies more when they can speak with an employee directly.

Once a customer comes to trust your online store, they are far more likely to make a purchase, but the benefits don’t end there. Customers that trust a company become that company’s best marketing agents, and the value of word of mouth marketing can never be overstated.

Live Chat is Personal

Customers love personalized care. That’s why stores send you special offers based on past purchases and why a good landlord brings you a pie during the holiday season.

When people visit your website, they don’t always expect personalization, but if you can offer it they will certainly be impressed.

Live chat apps aren’t just for communication. They allow you to learn about your customers and store that information for future interactions. If they’ve made a purchase in the past, you should be able to address them by name, see past purchase history, and even past conversations.

Personalization through live chat support will make customers feel welcome and appreciated.

Live Chat Builds Long-term Relationships

If you’ve been running your online store long enough, then you’ve already come to realize the enormous benefits of building long-term relationships with your customers.

When customers feel a connection with your company and your brand, they are more likely to come back for repeat purchases and they are more likely to refer their friends.

This relationship will give you an edge over the competition. Customers who have long-term relationships will offer feedback and useful information about where your business may need to focus in the future. Satisfied customers, who feel they have a relationship with your online shop, are also less likely to switch to a competitor.

This type of relationship is not easy to build, but is well worth the added effort. According to Hubspot 80% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company because of a poor customer experience.

Based on research performed by Zendesk, 73% of consumers say that friendly customer support makes them fall in love with a company, and 52% have actually bought multiple times from a company when they’ve had a positive initial customer service experience.

Live chat is the best method for building long lasting relationships with your customers, because it’s the best way to ensure they always have a positive experience when they visit your site.

Over to You

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of live chat for your online shop, the ball is in your court. Fortunately, Mochi offers a risk-free, 30-day trial of our live chat software.

Sign up today to see how delighted your customers will be and how much your business will expand.

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