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Shopify and Mailchimp
Stephen Quebe

Stephen Quebe

6 MailChimp Alternatives for Shopify Merchants


As you likely already know, Shopify and MailChimp have parted ways. Negotiations went on for months, but in the end, they were not able to come to an agreement.

As expected, both parties have their own reasons for taking a hard line when it comes to customer data. Below I’ve outlined each of the company’s stance.

MailChimp’s Side of the Story

MailChimp was concerned with Shopify’s request to sync customer data back to Shopify, even when that data was obtained somewhere other than Shopify. MailChimp felt that this compromised the privacy of their customers.

MailChimp’s Side of the Story​

Here is an official statement from Mailchimp related to the breakup, “Yesterday, we asked Shopify to remove the MailChimp for Shopify integration from their marketplace… We’re disappointed that we weren’t able to continue our partnership with Shopify, but our customers are our top priority.”

Another statement was made by Joni Deus, Mailchimp’s director of partnerships, “We have been negotiating for months with Shopify on trying to get terms that were very fair and equitable to both of our businesses — and there were several points that we just weren’t willing to compromise on.”

Shopify’s Side of the Story

From Shopify’s perspective, they want their customers to have all of the data available to them, within the Shopify ecosystem. Their reasoning for doing this is that they want their customers to have the most rich data possible.

Shopify’s Side of the Story​

Here is a statement from the Shopify community manager, “We recently updated our policy for app partners to make sure you have up-to-date, accurate customer data for your business. One of the changes is that if an app collects certain customer data relevant to your business through a Shopify channel (like your Shopify store or POS), it now has to sync this information back to your Shopify admin. That way, even if you use multiple apps, your customer data in Shopify is accurate.”

An example of where the two company’s misalignment would affect customers is also given by the Shopify community manager, “Here’s an email-specific example of why having one source of truth about your customers is so important to your business. If one of your customers unsubscribes from promotional messages in an email sent from MailChimp, you need that information in Shopify to make sure your other apps don’t email that customer again. You can’t do that with MailChimp because they won’t sync this customer data back to your store.”

Onward and Upward

Whether you agree with MailChimp or Shopify, unfortunately, the two companies were not able to come to a workable agreement. This leaves Shopify merchants at a not-so-clear fork in the road.

There are some options available that would allow Shopify merchants to continuing using MailChimp with Shopify. These options are outlined in the next section. 

Additionally, there are alternative service providers to MailChimp that are worth taking a look at. Below, I’ve outlined six (6) potential MailChimp alternatives for Shopify stores.

Not Ready to Move on from MailChimp?

If you absolutely don’t want to switch from MailChimp, which is reasonable given the amount of work that would take, MailChimp has provided some work-around options.

Here are the top recommendations from MailChimp.

  • Connect your store through a third-party app
  • Sync your lists manually
  • Build a customer integration


For help with any of these options, or for more details on how to actually put them into practice, here is a link to MailChimp’s own changes and workarounds page.

They’ve also identified several manual workarounds for features like product retargeting emails, pop-up forms, Google remarketing ads, and more. You can find support for these workarounds here.

6 MailChimp Alternatives for Shopify Merchants

Below are six alternatives to MailChimp for Shopify merchants (in no particular order). Each of these services already integrates with Shopify through an app on the Shopify app store.

If you would like additional information about these service providers, I have linked the title of each providers to their Shopify app listings.

Marketing software built for creating customer experiences

Key Benefits

Recapture lost sales: Sell more with pre-built email flows, including abandoned cart and winback emails. Create custom flows using virtually any trigger.

e-commerce solutions

Cut through the clutter: Combine data from Shopify and other leading apps to segment your audience and send super-targeted, personalized email campaigns.

Make better decisions: See more than just opens and clicks. Klaviyo puts the results that matter front and center so you can measure what really matters – sales.



  • Facebook Advertising
  • Recharge
  • Zendesk
  • Swell Rewards
  • Smile.io
  • Aftership


Price Ranges: Klaviyo is free to install and pricing is built on a sliding scale.

  • Free – 250 Contacts
  • $1,799/mth – 150,000 Contacts


Reviews: Average of 4.4 out of 599 Reviews

Email Marketing Automation and UGC.

Key Benefits

Send smarter, kinder emails: Powerful segmentation to send smarter emails at the right time and make every interaction with your customers feel more personal.

e-commerce solutions

All the tools you will need: Conversio has all the tools to power your customer conversations throughout their entire journey. Easily switch from MailChimp today.

Collect and leverage reviews: Build trust in your brand by collecting and showcasing reviews, feedback, and photos from your happy customers. And use them on your emails!


  • Privy
  • Pixelpop
  • Optinmonster
  • Shoelace
  • Smile.io
  • MailChimp

Price Ranges: Conversio’s price is based on your number of contacts. As they say, “If you grow, we grow with you.”

  • $20/mth – 500 Contacts
  • $850/mth – 250,000 Contacts

Reviews: Average 4.8 stars out of 923 Reviews

Send smarter emails that make sales.

Key Benefits

Easy Email & Newsletters: Send smart emails to get your customers buying! Cart recovery, abandon cart, welcome email, order follow-up, email series & more!

e-commerce solutions

Smart Content & Timing: Easily create emails with smart product recommendations to increase sales. Send emails at best time for opens and sales based on data.

Simple Setup & 5-Star Support: Easily create your own beautiful emails with Rare.io! Our team is here to help get you started and optimize your email marketing campaigns.


  • MailChimp
  • Zapier
  • justuno

Price Ranges: RareLogic is free to install and plans are based on your number of contacts and available features.

  • Free: 249 Contacts
  • Growth: $24/mth  – 999 contacts
  • Pro: $39/mth – 10,000 contacts
  • Exec: $79/mth – 10,000 contacts + additional features


Reviews: Average 4.6 stars out of 134 Reviews

Fully automate your email marketing!

Key Benefits

Make Marketing Personal: Increase customer LTV by sending automated, fully personalized 1-to-1 marketing emails with personalized product recommendations and coupons

e-commerce solutions

Get Started in Minutes: Use our pre-built campaigns and templates to immediately get started recovering carts, reactivating dormant customers, and more


Advanced Segmentation: Increase engagement and ROI by segmenting your customers based on activity and purchase behavior. Sync your segments with Facebook!


Integrates with

  • yotpo
  • smile.io
  • zapier
  • privy
  • facebook
  • wheel.io


Price Ranges: Remarkety offers a 14-day free trial.

  • Basic: $25/mth – Comes with 500 contacts and limited features ($25 per additional 500 contacts)
  • Starter: $100/mth – Comes with 1,000 contacts and additional feautres ($20 per additional 1,000 contacts)
  • Advanced: $300/mth – Comes with 5,000 contacts and additional feautres  ($40 per additional 5,000 contacts)
  • Professional: $800/mth – Comes with 5,000 Contacts and additional features ($40 per additional 5,000 contacts)

Reviews: Average of 4.6 stars out of 47 Reviews.

Powerful Email Marketing, Made Simple (with popup forms).

Key Benefits

Time-Saving Email Automation:

Personalized welcome, birthday, and anniversary emails based on your Shopify customer data. Set a series of emails for your contact lists.

e-commerce solutions

Seamless Integration: Easily synchronize your email list from Shopify. We’ll handle the rest: unsubscribes, bounces, and inactive emails update.

Customizable Templates: First, drag. Then, drop. Editing is that simple. Our editor makes it easy to customize the email template of your choice.


Price Ranges: Constant Contact offers a free trial for your first 60 days and You can cancel at any time, with no hidden fees or penalties.

  • Email: $20/mth – 500 Contacts up to $335/mth for 50,000 contacts
  • Email Plus: $45/mth – 500 contacts up to $335/mth – 50,000 contacts with additional features


Reviews: Average of 4.5 stars out of 46 Reviews.

Get more sales from email marketing.

Key Benefits

Boost sales and engagement: Hyper-personalized emails with products based on purchase history and browsing behavior drive up to 167% more sales for your store.

e-commerce solutions

Save time designing emails: Our in-app product lookup adds products to your emails in seconds complete with images, descriptions, prices, and links.

Get world-class support: You’re probably not an expert email marketer, but being on SmartrMail is like having an in-house email marketer on your team.



  • Justuno
  • Sumo
  • Wisepops


Price Ranges: SmartrMail offers a 15-day free trial.

  • Basic Plan: $29/month and $0.005 per subscriber monthly with limited features
  • Advanced Plan: $99/month and $0.0075 per subscriber monthly with all features
  • Enterprise Plan: $1,999/month and $0.0075 per subscriber monthly with all features and a dedicated account manager.


Reviews: Average of 4.6 stars out of 115 Reviews

Over to You

The breakup of MailChimp and Shopify is unfortunate and may create a sizeable inconvenience for Shopify merchants. Hopefully, one of the workarounds will work for you or one of the six MailChimp alternatives discussed here will fit your needs.

The 6 MailChimp alternatives we covered include:


Now, I’ll send it over to you to make up your mind and implement your email strategy. If you have further questions or additional insights for the e-commerce community, please leave us a comment below. Thanks!

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