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The 10 Best Sources for eCommerce Wisdom
Aralie Hoskins

Aralie Hoskins

The 10 Best Sources for eCommerce Wisdom

Down the Rabbit Hole

In the classic story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice finds herself overwhelmed by the number of different paths she can take on her journey.

Her head spinning with options, the Cheshire Cat gives her a poignant piece of advice – if you don’t know where you want to get to, “then it really doesn’t matter which way you go.”

The world of eCommerce is vast and the variety of products, niches, fulfillment providers, and drop shippers can be overwhelming. 

At times you may find yourself thinking, much like Alice, that you don’t care which way your business goes as long as it goes somewhere.

But, here at Mochi, we want to make sure your business goes up and to the right.

Finding Your Way

In this post, we will provide you with a guide, so you know where you’re going and how to get there.

We’ve walked a mile in your shoes. We know that you’re trying to build your business in the smartest way possible, where the path out of Wonderland is as clear as day.

So, here are the 10 BEST blogs to follow for eCommerce information, knowledge, tips, tricks, and advice. Please enjoy!

10 Solid Sources for eCommerce Knowledge, Tips, and Tools

Omniconvert’s blog focuses on growth hacks, marketing tools and optimizing your store for more sales. Each piece gets right to the point and doesn’t shy away from hard topics. Check back often, because they often have guest writers that help attack different eCommerce subjects.

This is a great blog if you already have a good base for your e-commerce store but are looking to get a boost and gain more in-depth knowledge on a wide array of subjects.

If you’re interested in using Omniconvert, here are some ways they can help your eCommerce business succeed:

  • Separate yourself from the competition by creating a personalized customer experience in your online store
  • Create an easier customer journey for your new clients by analyzing and knowing your current customer base and their buying behavior
  • Stay ahead of the game by adopting Customer Retention as a part of your growth strategy
  • Stay connected to your customers through a holistic view upon their buying behavior
In their own words:

Omniconvert is a data-driven technology company focused on crafting delightful customer experiences. They’re a team of people that want to empower marketers around the world to create marketing campaigns that matter to consumers in a smart way. Meet them at the intersection of creativity, integrity, and development, and let them show you how to optimize your marketing.

Drip’s blog is geared mostly toward early-stage or mid-tier eCommerce shops. They give you the best of both worlds by providing easy to read content that simplifies highly conceptual business practices.

If you’re trying to build out a scalable marketing plan, email lists, or improve your email open rates, you should hit up Drip. 

These folks are our first stop for getting thought-leading ideas on engaging content creation. Quality content + helpful GIFs + easy to read = one engaged reader.

Drip walks the walk and talks the talk. 

In their own words:

Drip is the world’s first and only ECRM—an Ecommerce CRM that connects your order management system with your marketing system at the customer level in order to build better, more profitable relationships with your customers through email, social, and paid media integrations. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Salt Lake City, Utah—two cities with deep retail roots—Drip is venture-backed by the Foundry Group, Drive Capital, and Arthur Ventures.

The Oberlo blog is full of articles, customer profiles, ebooks, videos, and podcasts that cover eCommerce from every conceivable angle. From the nitty-gritty of dropshipping to guides on Facebook ads, the Oberlo blog will inspire and educate anyone who’s thought about launching their own online business.

If you are thinking of starting an eCommerce business, Oberlo is the blog for you!

In their own words:

Oberlo lets you find products, add them to your Shopify store, and ship them directly to your customers. Oberlo guides you through all the essentials of starting a dropshipping business. Starting a business in 2020 has never been easier.

E-commerce CEO was founded by retail veteran Darren DeMatas, whose eCommerce roots go back to 2005. Follow Darren’s blog for a hype-free and practical blog that is focused on people looking to create long-term businesses online.

Darren writes for everyone -from novice shop owners to experienced e-commerce CEOs-  he covers all the fundamentals for his blog

His experience over two decades gives him a more timeless, less fad-driven approach to running your eCommerce business. Wanna make a quick buck or build your legacy? Darren is your guy for the latter.

Along with his amazing blog, Darren also does e-commerce business consulting. You can check out his rates here.

The Foundr blog is a free comprehensive resource that teaches you how to start and scale your very own profitable eCommerce store. From creating and validating a winning idea to marketing and scaling your store to 7 and 8 figures and beyond, you will find a library of in-depth, actionable advice for all skill levels.

In their own words:

Founder created actionable online courses taught by world-class entrepreneurs. Learn how to start and grow your business with tried-and-true systems from founders who have improved their lifestyles through successful eCommerce business savvy. Only real founders with actual experience building a business teach our courses. Foundr’s founders can be your literal guides into the eCommerce world. Need I say more?

Printify’s blog is all about running your own online print-on-demand hustle. They provide useful articles on how to maximize earnings while working intelligently. There is new content every day!

If you are in the print on demand business or looking to start, this is a great place to start and learn a lot of useful information.

In their own words:

Printify helps create, sell and source print-on-demand products. With a catalog of over 200 products, there is no end to what you can design.

Sleeknote’s blog covers a vast array of subjects including: email marketing, conversion rate optimization, growth marketing, and list building. Sleeknote dives deep and strives to provide value for every e-commerce owner out there.

In their own words:

Sleeknote is a company that provides a user-experience friendly way to collect leads, lower cart abandonment or connect with website visitors. Doing so through customizable non-intrusive pop-ups.

For anyone interested in learning about dropshipping, look no further. Modalyst’s blog is dedicated to perfecting the dropshipping business while keeping the freshest articles coming weekly!

In their own words:

Modalyst gives instant access to the best dropship suppliers in the US and Europe. From being able to add over 1 million high-quality drop ship products to your store to working with private label suppliers to include your own branding on products and packaging, it seems like medalist does it all.

Getting website traffic might be the easiest thing about eCommerce, but getting a click to convert to a sale may be one of the hardest things about eCommerce. This is exactly why the Optinmonster blog is dedicated to practical tips to boost your site conversions. 

The Optinmonster umbrella covers the best in marketing tools, opt-in best practices, email list building, and so much more.

In their own words:

OptinMonster’s behavior automation platform helps you unlock maximum revenue from each website visitor by reducing cart abandonment and improving sales conversions.

And, of course, we believe that Mochi provides one of the best eCommerce focused blogs online. Geared mostly toward customer support and interaction, Mochi also provides articles on eCommerce growth, marketing, conversions, and tools.

With Mochi, you can begin interacting with and supporting your customers in under a minute.

In our own words:

Mochi lets eCommerce stores talk with customers in real-time using web chat or text messaging. Whether you are an individual trying to scale your eCommerce business or a small team, Mochi can help you keep customers happy with immediate support responses and manage all of your customer support tasks and tickets.

Over to You

Hopefully, we’ve helped you narrow the number of potential paths for your eCommerce store to something manageable.

With the e-commerce knowledge and smart advice gained from these eCommerce blogs, you’ll know exactly what to expect on your journey, how to prepare, and how, in the end, to succeed.

Now, we’ll send it over to you to execute on your dream. Best of luck!

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