Code Snippet – Mochi

Getting Started with Mochi

To get started with Mochi you will need to add a simple JavaScript snippet to your website. If you’ve ever added a Google Analytics tracking code to your website, the process for Mochi is very similar.

Adding the Code

Step 1. Replace the text in the code below that reads ‘your public key here’ with your account’s public key. Your account’s public key can be found by visiting your Account settings and scrolling down to the section titled “Public Key”.

Step 2. Copy and paste the complete code snippet below, with the updated Public Key, in the <HEAD> of every page on your website.

>;window.bannick=window.bannick||function(){ q=window.bnkq=(window.bnkq||[]);if(q.length<1024){q.push(arguments)}}; bannick('setup', 'your public key here'); </script> <script async src=''></script>


Not on Shopify?

Not a problem

Mochi can be used on any site. If you’d like to try a 14-day FREE trial please let us know what platform you use, and we’ll help you get started.