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Omni-channel & Cross-channel Communication

Delight Customers with Communication Options

Interact with customers across various communication channels from a single dashboard and in a single thread. Mochi offers Email, Text Messaging, and Live Chat.

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Simple yet Powerful Customer Interactions

Omni-channel Communication

Interact instantly with your customers through Live Chat, Text Messaging, or Email, while they’re browsing your online store.

(1) First, give your customers the freedom to ask questions or request updates through any communication channel they wish to use.

(2) Then, give your customer support staff the time-savings and convenience of managing all communications from a single customer support dashboard.

Cross-channel Communication

No more switching from tab to tab! Manage all of your interactions with an individual customer within a single view.

(1) Combine your communications into a single view, whether the customer switches between Live ChatSMS/Text Messaging, or Email.

(2) Always have past conversations at hand, so your customer support staff can communicate in an ongoing conversation without repeating questions.

(3) Free yourself from the challenges of poor customer service experiences, agent confusion, and frustrated site visitors.

Speed and Personalization

Build trust and brand loyalty with your customers, by engaging with them immediately when they have a question.

(1) Respond instantly to customer’s questions when they visit your website.

(2) Make each customer feel special by customizing their interaction.

(3) Even with small customer support teams can provide over-the-top service for your customers.

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"I've really enjoyed using Mochi! I especially enjoyed working with the texting feature. It's nice to be able to just see texts come in and reply that way, rather than needing to constantly check to see if anyone had messaged like with most other services. I highly recommend Mochi to anyone with a business on Shopify!"
Undercover Mama
"I've been using this chat feature for several months and it's really helpful. I love the texts feature, which can be managed easily from the phone if you are not in front of the computer. Great product and great service!"
"I've been using Mochi for a few months now and have really loved my experience. It is so nice to be able to quickly answer customers' questions and keep them on the site. Probably the very best part of Mochi has been the Mochi team's customer service. They are so quick to answer my questions and have made it so easy to customize the app so it is just right for my site and customer needs. You won't reget adding this app!"
Vapor Rhelm
"I love it. I like how you get texts when someone uses the chat widget. I also like how people can text you."

What Can Mochi do For You?

A Communication Option for Every Customer

Your customers are the life blood of your business. With Mochi, you can give them exactly the type of customer service they’re looking for.

SMS/Text: 70% of online shoppers will visit your site using a mobile device. Mochi allows you to text message with these visitors in a convenient, seamless manner.

Email: Link your support email to Mochi and respond to customer emails directly, while keeping all of your support communication in one place

Live Chat: Interact with visitors when they’re on your site using Mochi’s simple, user-friendly chat widget.

A Streamlined Tool for Support Staff

Mochi converts each customer interaction into an easy-to-manage, trackable ticket. Within each ticket, your customer support staff can:

(1) Communicate via any communication channel your customers prefer – Email, Live Chat, SMS / Text Messaging.

(2) View rich customer information to help them have a personalized and positive interaction with your customers.

(3) Assignment customer support staff, set due dates, manage priorities, and quickly complete tasks and close tickets.

A Simple Process for Managing it All

Mochi makes managing support conversations with customers a breeze. From first interaction to support resolution, Mochi has it covered.

As close to being in a physical store with your customers as you can be. See who is online at any given time. Wait for them to reach out or proactively message them.

Like a personal assistant that organizes conversations and tickets on your behalf. Mochi automatically creates tickets based on customer conversations and assigns due dates.

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