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Customer Insights & Activity Timelines

Empower Your Staff with Rich Customer Data

Serve your customers better by knowing who they are, where they came from, what they’re browsing, what they’ve bought in the past, what questions they’ve already asked, and so much more.

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Instant and Powerful Customer Insights

A Holistic Customer View

Expedite customer interactions and eliminate the back-and-forth of conversations with a holistic view of your customer’s info.

Mochi consolidates customer details, orders, tickets, and activity history into a single timeline, giving customer support staff data-driven, actionable insights without switching screens.

A Personalized Customer Timeline

The Mochi Customer Timeline is like nothing else available. From a single view, Mochi provides the following customer info:

Customer Sources: Know where your customers are coming from, how they arrived at your online store, and what page they landed on first.

Customer Behavior: See which products your customers are viewing, which ones they put in their cart, their orders, and how often they visit your store.

Customer Requests: View open and closed tickets, ongoing and past conversations, and notes other staff members have written about the customer.

Undercover Mama
"I've been using this chat feature for several months and it's really helpful. I love the texts feature, which can be managed easily from the phone if you are not in front of the computer. Great product and great service!"
"I've been using Mochi for a few months now and have really loved my experience. It is so nice to be able to quickly answer customers' questions and keep them on the site. Probably the very best part of Mochi has been the Mochi team's customer service. They are so quick to answer my questions and have made it so easy to customize the app so it is just right for my site and customer needs. You won't reget adding this app!"
Lobo Gear
"I've really enjoyed using Mochi! I especially enjoyed working with the texting feature. It's nice to be able to just see texts come in and reply that way, rather than needing to constantly check to see if anyone had messaged like with most other services. I highly recommend Mochi to anyone with a business on Shopify!"
Vapor Rhelm
"I love it. I like how you get texts when someone uses the chat widget. I also like how people can text you."
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What Mochi Offers Customer Support Teams

Know Your Customers Personally

Mochi enables your support staff to respond quicker and with greater accuracy to customer questions, by providing them with all of the insights they need in a single location.

Open/Fulfilled Orders: Quickly access current and past order information, such as product details, order ID, quantities, purchase date, ship date, and tracking info.

Open/Closed Tickets: Instantly view both open and closed ticket details, so your customer support staff never have to go looking for it.

Contact Info/Notes: Readily access all of your customers’ contact info and internal notes in a single location.

Save Time and Avoid Headaches

 Mochi offers an intuitive, organized work space for customer support staff to view customer details and manage customer information.

(1) Quickly search for and find any customer’s information.

(2) Take action on the rich customer data during conversations and while completing support tasks.

(3) Update customer details on the fly from one view.

(4) Never switch between tabs to find customer info ever again.

Give it a try. You'll love the simplicity and ease Mochi provides.

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