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Interact with & Support Your Online Customers

Text Messaging and Live Chat designed for eCommerce stores.

Interact with & Support Your Online Customers

Get to Know Your Visitors &
Communicate how They Want

Live Customer View

Know instantly when someone arrives on your site with Mochi’s live customer view. Quickly scroll through past conversations, see how the customer arrived at your site and what pages they’ve visited, and check to see if they’ve made purchases in the past or have anything in their shopping cart.

Live Customer View​
Live Customer View​

Text Messaging / SMS

Communicate with your customers the way they want to communicate. Most online shoppers are visiting your site on their mobile devices. Text messaging allows you to interact with them, without blocking the view of your product pages.

Live Webchat

Begin interacting with your customers the moment they land on your website. Customers are able to message you through a simple, user-friendly chat widget on your site, while you can respond to them via the centralized Mochi dashboard.

Live Customer View​


5/5 StarsAdora Brushes
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This app ROCKS!! I 100% recommend everyone to use this, easy to use/setup, receive instant text on your mobile device and never miss a chat with your customers. GREAT JOB MOCHI
5/5 StarsQnoor
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I've been using Mochi for a few months now and have really loved my experience. It is so nice to be able to quickly answer customers' questions and keep them on the site. Probably the very best part of Mochi has been the Mochi team's customer service. They are so quick to answer my questions and have made it so easy to customize the app so it is just right for my site and customer needs. You won't reget adding this app!
5/5 StarsRustic Sinks
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This is a great app and highly recommend. The simplicity is perfect. You can set up business hours for the chat widget and off hours for the contract form. These forward to your email. I also get text notifications on my mobile phone and can even text back. This app is all you need for a chat bubble on your store. Tech support is awesome also!
5/5 StarUndercover Mama
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I've been using this chat feature for several months and it's really helpful. I love the texts feature, which can be managed easily from the phone if you are not in front of the computer. Great product and great service!
5/5 StarLobo Gear
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I've really enjoyed using Mochi! I especially enjoyed working with the texting feature. My business if a side-hustle for me, so it's nice to be able to just see texts come in and reply that way, rather than needing to constantly check to see if anyone had messaged like with most other services. The automated messages are also very useful. I highly recommend Mochi to anyone with a business on Shopify!

See what Mochi can do for you!

Central Dashboard

Easily manage every aspect of your customer engagement from a single, centralized dashboard. See who is on your site right now, view their activity and previous conversations, and begin a new conversation all in one place. 

Historic Chat Logs

Be confident when you engage with a visitor to your site, by reviewing their historic chat logs before you launch a conversation. Know instantly if they’ve asked questions about particular products in the past and be better prepared to help them in the present.

Away Messaging

Let your customers know when you are available to interact with them yourself by setting active business hours within the Mochi live chat app. When you’re away you can still gather useful information that will help you serve them better, even if you don’t have chat bots enabled.

Smart Lead Scoring

Be more productive with your time by focusing on the customers who are the most ready to make a purchase. Mochi’s smart lead scoring is based on the actions customers have already taken on your site – actions that indicate whether they are moving towards or away from a purchase.

Custom Schedules

Decide exactly when you want to respond to customers yourself, or when you want to rely on the chat bot or away messages. Enable the contact form during off-hours, so you never miss the chance to gather visitors contact info and convert them to customers.


Available on the Shopify App Store

(Not on Shopify? Not a problem. Just click here)

Not on Shopify?

Not a problem

Mochi can be used on any site. If you’d like to try a 14-day FREE trial please let us know what platform you use, and we’ll help you get started.