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Mobile Commerce

It’s Time to Get Serious About Mobile Commerce

The World is Mobile

Today consumers spend more than 5 hours a day on their smartphones and with the number of world-wide mobile phone users approaching 5 billion, it’s no surprise that eCommerce stores are getting more serious about Mobile Commerce.


of web traffic is on mobile devices


billion people shop on their smartphone


more brand interactions on mobile

Mobile Phone Usage is Exploding

It’s no secret that our dependence on mobile devices to manage various aspects of our lives is increasing exponentially. Today more than 77% of North Americans have smartphones.

While the number of mobile phone users is approaching 5 billion, the number of smart devices in use is already well over 10 billion.

Given the volume of smart devices in use, it makes good business sense for eCommerce shops to understand the trends and how to capitalize on them.

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How Important is Mobile to Google?

Since 2016 the majority of Google searches have taken place on a mobile device. Google is really smart, so they want to provide a good experience for their users.

For this reason Google now prioritizes Mobile-first Indexing and uses the mobile version of your site and its content when evaluating the relevance of a page to a user’s query.

Over 50% of Google searches are on mobile devices

Why Google Matters

If you run an eCommerce store, you need to be aware of how Google indexes sites, because 96% of mobile search traffic is captured by Google. Additionally, Google Search is one of the most popular mobile apps in the United States.

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What is Mobile Commerce?

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce is the use of mobile devices (such as smartphones or tablets) to purchase products online. Other terms for Mobile Commerce include mCommerce and m-commerce.

Approximately four out of five Americans (80%) shop online, and over 50% of them have made a purchase using a mobile device.

By 2021, nearly 54% of all eCommerce sales will be made on a mobile device. That means that approximately $433 billion in revenue will be generated on mobile devices.

With these trends taking place, it’s imperative for every eCommerce store to optimize their customers shopping experience for Mobile.

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Mobile Commerce Statistics


of consumers shop on mobile devices because “it saves them time

shoppers believe that mobile shopping experiences can be improved.



of consumers sited security concerns as an impediment to their mobile shopping

of smartphone users say they are more likely to buy from companies with mobile sites that address their questions


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Advantages of Optimizing for Mobile Commerce

Improved Customer Experience

Optimizing your online store for Mobile Commerce gives customers a better shopping experience. Shopping from a mobile device is more convenient; saves time; and makes it easier to compare prices, read reviews and make a purchase decision.

Higher Growth Potential

With the increasing trends toward Mobile Commerce it makes good business sense to invest in optimizing for mobile shoppers. Online stores that invest in mobile optimization can expect a higher conversion rate and a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Increased Trust

While security has been a key concern of eCommerce and Mobile Commerce shoppers in the past, consumers are growing more trusting of online retail. Particularly for shops that offer a well-designed, user friendly mobile experience.

Better Data

Mobile commerce allows online stores to gather better data about their customers. When eCommerce is optimized for Mobile Commerce, stores can track consumers actions and incentives throughout the purchase process. They can then use this information to make strategic decisions that drive even more sales.

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